Peachy Skye / PeachySkye – Blue Balls – B/G HD 1080p

This is a custom video and I do use his name a couple of times! Watch me suck and tease my boyfriend while he plays his game. The deal? If he wins he can cum wherever he wants.. If he looses, well I’m afraid he’ll be going to bed with blue balls 

 *Custom description* You’re annoyed with your BF for staying on his fame instead of coming to bed, you come out in a sexy light blue bra and panties and get in your knees infront of him and pull out his cock. Jerking and sucking, he says he can’t concentrate. You tell him that he better figure that part out cause here’s the deal, if he wins his game, he gets to cum in your mouth and have a good night, but if he loses… he’s going to bed with blue balls. Deal? He asks what if he cums anyway, you reply “do you wanna get kicked in the balls?” He doesn’t take you seriously so you give him a quick kick to the balls “now you know I mean business, He gets the point. He gets back to the game and You tease him relentlessly. After some time he can’t take it anymore he drops his controller and it’s game over. You stop sucking and gasp with excitement, “did you lose?!?” Yes he did, “do you know what that means for you?” Grinning eat to ear “YOU GET BLUE BALLS!!” You laugh, you are Victorious “I get to give you blue balls! And I’m going to give you THE WORST blue balls ever!” You continue edging him, to the very edge teasing him about how he lost and how those blue balls will feel. Once he can’t take anymore, you stop. “Have fun with those blue balls

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Duration: 00:12:05
Video: 1920×1080