Paintedrose – Mom’s Sensual Massage: It Hurts Momma HD 1080p

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You’re a student staying with Momma Rosie and her husband. Rosie is your fill in Mom and notices you’re not feeling well. You tell her about your Back pain and she tells you she was a masseuse before marrying her husband and as a Mom it’s her duty to make you feel better – in all ways while in her care. She tells you that in order to save your clothing from the massage oil that you will have to be nude and she provides a towel while reassuring you that it is ok. During your massage, Momma Rosie gets very hot and begins removing clothing. You can feel her tits and pussy pressed into your body as she rubs you sensually. It’s time to turn over – and you have a very stiff erection that Momma needs to work around. She decides that she should give you a full massage – down there too and begins to rub oil on your stiff erection. You can tell she likes it but her husband is downstairs! She decides to make you ejaculate during the massage with her mouth and begins giving you a blow job! After a bit, one thing leads to another and your getting your cock ridden by your Step-Mom with her ass in your face until you cum hard inside of her. Rosie gives you the towel to clean up and tells you to get dressed before her husband comes up!

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