Paintedrose – Do It For Dad: Taboo Impregnation HD 1080p

Stepmom comes in to find you tired and resting on the sofa. She apologizes for the noise from the squeaky bed. She tells you Dad has been trying to get her pregnant for months with no luck. She tells you a secret that she doesn’t think she will become pregnant because old Dad can’t stay hard and rarely is able to ejaculate. You wish you could help and just then, sweet StepMom has a great idea that you should knock her up and do it for dad to make him happy. After all, you look just like your dad and he’d never have to find out and be hurt by it. You feel guilty but she pops off her top and starts to suck on your hard dick and becomes a wild primal lusting for your cock and cum. Dad can’t find out! She’s wearing a thong and pulls it to the side and rides your stiff one from the back – you’ve been fantasizing about this for years and now it’s happening! She wants you to breed her and lays on her back to take your taboo love seed and get pregnant. She begs and demands that you CUM inside of her. She suggest you be ready for more ‘trying’.

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Duration: 00:21:39
Video: 1920×1080