Olivia Kasady, Sally D’angelo – Seduction of the Young Neighbor Girl HD 1080p

From: Sally DAngelo

Olivia’s naive parents ask seductive and vivacious cougar, Sally D’Angelo to overnight babysit their school-girl virgin step-daughter. The perverted and corrupt lesbian cougar laughingly takes on the responsibility of watching over the helpless young girl, eagerly taking her victim into her evil den of depravity with a sweet smile that belies Her true intent to corrupt the innocent Olivia. She has no chance, nowhere to run after being sent into the cunning cougar’s den by her own parents. The powerful and experienced whore cougar, Sally D’Angelo, takes advantage of the sweet little girl in every way that her demented mind and seductive body can conjure. After plying the pure youth with a few sips of bubbly and pretending to make best friends forever with Olivia, the deceptive cougar Sally leads the unsuspecting girl down the twisted path of lesbian lust. repeated orgasms upon Olivia, Sally turns the beautiful immature girl into a knowing woman, lusting for sex with other women just like her own wicked self. As Olivia walks out the next morning, no longer innocent, Sally kisses her goodbye and then snickers to herself about how soon she’ll be back, looking for more lesbian orgasms from wicked Sally’s tongue and strapon. Features huge tits, innocent young girl, corrupting cougar, lesbian sex, strap-on, high heels, stockings, makeup.

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