Olive Wood – Mommy and the Rectal Thermometer HD 1080p

Mommy is getting ready for a date when she spots you slumped in the corner of her bedroom looking ill. Although she’s already running late, she hurriedly rummages around for a thermometer and asks you to be a good boy and open up your mouth so she can take your temperature. After several failed attempts to get an accurate oral reading, she sighs and instructs you to remove your pants so she can insert it rectally. You protest, but Mommy assures you that it won’t hurt and that she’ll be careful with her delicate boy.

You lie down on the bed and obediently expose your anus for Mommy as she gently wets the thermometer in her mouth and prepares you slip it inside you. She counts to three and slowly inserts it. You attempt to remain calm, but to your embarrassment, you start to feel yourself getting an erection. Mommy laughs and ensures you that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about and that plenty of men enjoy anal stimulation. She anxiously checks the time before concluding that despite being late for her date, it would be wrong to leave you home alone with a fever and an uncomfortable erection. In order to absolve herself of the guilt she feels about leaving you, she offers to help you explore your newfound interest in anal stimulation. She slips one of her fingers inside you and begins to stroke your cock and tongue your tight hole. As you grow more and more excited, she adds another finger and brings you close to orgasm, stopping before climax to offer you her own body.

Mommy lies back and removes her dress, instructing you to mount her and push yourself inside her. Mommy has never looked more beautiful than she does as she looks up at you in ecstasy, her succulent breasts bouncing up and down with every thrust. Mommy orgasms and tightly wraps her legs around you, pulling you closer and begging you to finish inside her before it’s time for her to leave. You dutifully do as she says and fill her with your cum, secretly delighted by the idea that she will soon be out with another man who has no idea what you’ve just done.

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