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From: Maternal Seductions

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Movie Night

Step-Dad and Luke are out of town and it’s just Johnny and his step-mom tonight. Nikki is in charge so she gets to pick the movie. She goes through the list and picks a movie that always gives Johnny a boner. He begs Nikki to change the movie but she insists and tells him to control himself. The movie starts and Johnny gets uneasy…pulls his cock out and begins to stroke it…Step mom tells him to put it away and act like an adult…

Poor Johnny gets so embarrassed and runs to his room to take care of his boner…Step mom eventually feels bad and goes to his room and talks to him. She lets him finish and tells him she understands he has urges but he should better control himself in the future…

Step mom Gives Me a Blow Job

So turned on by the last movie, step-mom puts on something really sex to wear. Johnny walks in and she says the movie will be scary tonight. He cannot believe his step-mom is dressed like that and feels the urges coming on…His big dick begins to grow in his underwear as he peaks over at his hot step-mom. The Horny step-mom knows what she is doing and turns her beautiful ass towards the innocent step-son.

Johnny then makes a confession, the Movie is not turning him on…it’s his step-mom! Nikki completely understands and actually apologizes for embarrassing him yesterday as she pulls his cock out and strokes it…She just wanted Johnny to feel comfortable and he should never hold back his sexuality. She sees him Pre-Cum as she is jerking him off and goes down and gives him a kiss on his cock…She then teaches him how to control his urges with a Stroke and Suck!

Step mom had no idea he would finish so quickly in her mouth but that is okay…Time to make some popcorn!

Step mom Cannot Resist

The next day Nikki is texting Step-Dad on the Phone while laying on the couch. No panties as usual and gives him an update on what is happening this weekend. She feels a tingle downstairs and sees Johnny eating her pussy…”Just for a second…”

She is bragging to his step-dad how much Johnny is behaving this weekend. He cannot control his urges as he slides one finger in and then gives the pussy a kiss. Step-Mom eventually does not seem to mind, spreads her legs and lets Johnny eat her pussy as she texts.

Step mom is so distracted by texting, Johnny accidentally slips his cock into her tight pussy. She was not expecting this but did not mind… “Just the Tip” step-mom says but think about that…It’s never just the tip…After a minute, Johnny is full shaft into step-mom’s Pussy.

The big surprise at the end Johnny cums in step-mom’s Pussy and wants a little step-brother. Step mom agrees to raise it and Johnny finishes…

Fucking My Stuck Step mom

Nikki is looking for her phone. She can hear it but cannot find it. The phone has slid into the couch cushions and now she cannot get her hand unstuck. Step mom yells out to Johnny for Help. Johnny comes to help but has a boner…He tries to un-stuck her from the back and then the front. Step mom is so turned on she leans in and sucks him off!

She is not getting Un-Stuck and tells him to pull from behind. Johnny lifts up her dress and pulls as step-mom pushes. She is still stuck but now Johnny’s big cock is inside her pussy! He pounds away from behind as step-mom gets one finger at a time out. Then finally both hands are free! Nikki says they should continue since he was still inside and did not want to waste the boner!

Nikki reminds Johnny his Step-Dad was coming home today and he could not cum inside her pussy, maybe on her titties? He fucks her good and then pulls out and cums all over her giant Milf Tits!

One minute later, Luke comes home to find his step-mom and Step-Brother Naked on the couch…Johnny said he was just there to unstuck Nikki…TO BE CONTINUED…

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