Nikki Ashton / Erotic Nikki – My Sisters Husband

I walk into the bedroom and find My sisters husband resting on the bed. I wake him with My hand on his pants. As he awakens I fail to remove My hand from his pants and just continue to lightly tease with My long fingernails. I light up a Newport. My step-sister is a fuckin bitch and she’s in the other room. I still don’t know why you married her. I’ve always kinda wanted you, I tell him as I keep stroking on his crotch. I’d like to see what you have there. How long has it been since you have been allowed to cum? I heard that you only get to cum when she allows you to. That’s crazy. My man gets to cum anytime he wants to. I remove his pants and continue teasing his rising cock. I remove his boxer briefs and take his cock in My hands. I tell him that it is not cheating if he doesn’t cum. I proceed to give him a slow, teasing handjob. I use My sexy mouth a couple of times just to make the tormenting worse. I bring him to the edge several times without letting him finish. I make him to wait until I am ready. I can hear footsteps coming so I make him cum all over his stomach and shirt. I continue to stroke his aching cock. I then call out to My step-sister, “he’s in here”. Busted. This is shot POV style as if your My step-brother-in-law. Stroke along at home and see if you can last.

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