Nika Venom, Reagan Lush, Ashlynn Taylor – Step-Mom and Step-Daughter’s Mesmerizing Relationship Therapy

From: TMF Fantasies

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Reagan and her rebellious step-daughter, Ashlynn, have some relationship issues to work out. Reagan is on the verge of evicting her defiant step-daughter, and Ashlynn doesn’t seem to care. Ashlynn being young and immature, just wants to party and have a good time. The two of them have decided to give their relationship and living situation one last shot. They come into see Dr. Venom, a licensed alternative psychologist. The office is cozy and comfortable, making Ashlynn and her step-mom feel comfortable. However, the two continue bickering until Dr. Venom comes up with a possible treatment option. The two ladies listen, and Ashlynn reluctantly agrees to try the “stupid therapy”. Dr. Venom tells Ashlynn and Reagan to sit close together and keep their eyes on the golden pocket watch swaying before their eyes. Within seconds, the room seems quieter and the object seems to radiate a noise, a noise that draws their attention deeper and deeper. The only thing they can hear is the energy being emitted and the instructional words of Dr. Venom. As Reagan and Ashlynn fall into a deep trance, Dr. Venom, snaps her fingers and the two are caught under the spell. They are now Dr. Venom’s obedient subjects. Dr. Venom know that the trance is supposed to be accompanied by amnesia, and she uses this to her sadistic advantage. She decides to heal the bond between step-mother and step-daughter, things will have to get a bit sexual.. really sexual. Dr. Venom tells the two to hug before proceeding to what she thinks is necessary. She makes step-mom and step-daughter grope and strip one another. Dr. Venom tries to keep things professional as she leads the two on this sexual taboo journey. She lectures the importance off all these actions. She then makes the two take turns in missionary while the other kneels on the floor and licks and worships the other’s pussy. Dr. Venom steps it up by having the two please each-other in 69 position before licking and sucking each other’s nipples. Finally, Dr. Venom decides to have the two finish each other off with mutual masturbation on the sofa. Both step-mom and step-daughter cum at the same time, releasing a rush of hormones and chemicals that are sure to the bond the two closer together. After instructed to re-dress, Dr. Venom releases the two from their trance. Both Reagan and Ashlynn feel different, they turn to look at each other and almost burst into tears with hope. Ashlynn and Reagan hug and feel connected again like they haven’t in years. Their family bond has been restored, and they have no idea how!

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