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Custom video. Calling out the name Luke. Your having issues with your daughter getting bullied. She tells you who and where she lives. You take it upon yourself and go over to her house to confront her. You burst into her room. She’s shocked! Who are you? Do my parents know your here?? You tell her that she needs to leave your daughter alone and stop bullying her. Nicole laughs and rolls her eyes. Oh this is what this is about. She argues with you back and forth, being bratty saying your not her dad, she doesn’t care what you have to say. She then makes a deal with you. You can make the good choice and leave and she will never bother your daughter again OR you can be selfish and she will reward you by becoming your personal slut and that you can fuck me however you want but she will bully your daughter even more after this. What’s it gonna be? Me or your daughter? Your shocked, your married and your daughter is miserable but your interested. She tempts you with dirty talk, showing off her body, teasing that you still haven’t left yet. How you can’t look away from her big tits and how good it would feel to be fucked by them… You can’t resist and give in. She sucks you cock, tit fucks you and rides your cock begging you to cum in her young tight pussy. Caring out the name Luke.

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