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Mom finds your old journal with nasty, graphic fantasies written by you, her boy. Shocked and disturbed by it at first and then over months became the ONLY thing that gets her off now. She divorced your dad and made up some bull excuse about having a hard time with the split to get you to move back in “temporarily ” to help me cope. Mom gets tor up one night and comes home to find that your still up. She confronts you about the journal. She tells you about how she uses it to get off. Its the only thing she can get off to. Its the reason she left your dad, she lusts for her son’s cock. She wants to fulfill both of your fantasies. Shes desperate, she can’t get off without thinking about these sick, fucked up things she’s read. She takes her clothes off, seducing you and climbs on top of you. She wants you to fuck the hole you came from. She can’t believe how good your cock feels, the cock she made. She rides you and then you fuck your mommy missionary. She begs you to cum all inside of her. Deep inside. She begs you cum all inside of her cunt. Ending in a creampie.

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