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Part 1 – Kitty, my neighbor’s step-daughter that just turned 19 and is 20 years younger than me, stopped by unexpectedly today while my wife was out. She seemed upset and after some prodding, she admitted she had been stood up by a booty call. She was all dressed up and nowhere to go, so she came by to take advantage of her lonely older neighbor. My wife was home, so I figured what the fuck, I’ll at least let her watch me stroke my cock to her tiny little tits.

Part 2 – Kitty comes back to hang out and she’s less apprehensive this time. She’s still a young, shy little thing, and she’s anxious that my wife or her step-dad will find out she’s stopped by, but she calms down when I putt my tongue deep in her t**n ass and make out with her pussy, having body-shaking orgasm after orgasm

Part 3 – Kitty returns by breaking into my house, this bold little slut. I come home to find her in lingerie and heels in my bed. She was shy before, but she really cuts loose this time. She jammed my cock down her throat, sucked my balls, and gave me a sloppy, spitty blowjob, looking up at me and smiling. This girl is ecstatic, overjoyed to have a cock in her mouth. It’s clear that she’s probably the most submissive little slut I’ve ever encountered

Part 4 – Kitty comes back begging for cock. Her pussy even LOOKED tight. She gets fucked every which way before tapping out then begging for my cum. I put a huge load right on her tongue then she played around in it and rubbed it all over her face and tits. This t**n is something special

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