Natalie Wonder – Perfectly Imperfect Sexbot HD 720p

Script –> You have been returned from the repair shop after you finally ceased to function after being “used and ” and months of being poorly maintained.

Video begins with you powered off but not and lifeless. You’re frozen, like a mannequin, eyes open but vacant, staring at a point across the room. After a moment or two you are activated and come to life, greeting us and expressing how happy you are to be home. You tell us in detail how you were disassembled and cleaned both inside and out, your vaginal and anal modules removed and the synthetic cyberskin that was worn and torn was patched and refurbished to like new condition. Your wiring checked, your gears lubricated and motors that control your movement were rebuilt. You tell us how hot it was as the female technician took you apart and fondled your parts as she repaired you. You know how hard it makes us to hear this so you make it teasingly seductive as you recite the tale to us.

The problem is that this was a seedy low budget repair shop and the workmanship was pretty bad. You begin malfunctioning during the story and continue on after you show us all of your body. We obviously don’t mind at all and take you up on your offer to fuck you. I love the way you do the eye glitch thing that you do as well as the shiny outfits you wear so more of that too please. Some ass shots would be appreciated as well.

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