Natalie Knight – Step-Daughter’s Fantasies HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Part 1

Natalie knows step-dad is kind of lonely since the divorce. He doesn’t date, just jerks his big grown man cock to porn on his laptop. It makes her so wet seeing him stroking it and She has seen the types of porn he watches, and they have the same fantasy, she just has to work up the nerve to convince him it is ok.

Natalie is so nervous she shakes as she starts talking to her step-dad and how much she wants him starts to overwhelm her

Part 2

Natalie has never felt closer to her step-dad, so as they cuddle on the couch watching TV she decides to tell him about this hot video she watched that she really liked, about a step-dad sneaking up to his step-daughter’s while she rests naked in bed, and how he just went in and did WHATEVER he wanted to her…

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