Naomi Swann – Step-Sister and Step-Brother’s Shared Fetish PART ONE HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Rion and Naomi have always been about as close as step-brother and step-sister can be. They have so much in common it is clear somethings just run in the family. This proves to be true when an innocent foot rub reveals something about both of them. Naomi rests a foot in Rion’s lap as he massages the other one, and she feels his dick getting hard, REALLY hard, she can’t help but rub her brothers big cock with her little foot, he starts breathing heavy, his hips moving on their own and suddenly he gasps and Naomi feels his cock throbbing really hard like it’s pumping out a huge load into his shorts. Rion suddenly seems really embarrassed and quickly leaves. Naomi wants him to finish massaging her feet. The next day Naomi comes ready with lotion and this time she ends up with her brothers hard cock between her soft feet and she gets to see the huge load he shoots for her

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