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Monica and her step-mom had just moved because of a new job opportunity. Rachel left Monica alone to go out of the state to finish the sale of their last home. Monica had strict instructions not to open the door for anyone or have her boyfriend over. Rachel trusted Monica. After several hours with no internet or cable Monica became bored. She texted her boyfriend and asked him to come over. He did not answer so she sent him naked pictures of her tits and spread pussy. The problem was she was texting the wrong number. A deranged man received her texts. He opened it up to see a young 19 year old girls cunt spread wide, inviting him over, her address and phone number on it as well. He knew she had made a mistake but when he read she was alone he decided to go take a look. The man went to her home and peeked in every window until he saw her on the couch. She eventually fell resting. He found a sliding door open and let himself in. She looked so pretty napping. He stood over her for a moment admiring her slender figure and long milky white legs. She would be easy to control. He covered her mouth and put his body weight on her. Monica was so shocked that she could not scream. She fought back hard. The man came with rope and a gag. He bound and gagged her then carried her over his shoulder upstairs to the bedroom. He pulled her panties down and her bra up to expose everything. He lay her with her head over the edge of the bed and face fucked her. Monica said that she was willing to do whatever he wanted so he would leave. The man was ready for her young tight cunt. He fingered her hard to get her ready then he fucked her in several positions. He pushed legs back and fucked her hard. He rolled her over and jammed her pussy from behind. He became an . Monica’s cries were muffled through her gag. He pushed her to her knees and jammed his cock deep in her mouth. He face fucked her until her was ready to explode. When the man was satisfied he pulled out and came all over her face and body. He stuck his thumb in her mouth and held it open. He shot streams of cum into her mouth and all over her face. She was covered in cum. He left her tied and cum covered in the bedroom.

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