Molly Sweet – 31 weeks Pregnant Roleplay with Stepson HD 1080p

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The plot: I’m a scientist who is trying to revive an extinct species of snake, by growing some in my womb.

First scene: I’m in the bathroom oiling my belly and breasts and moaning loudly. I become surprised to see my stepson, and ask if everything is ok. Suddenly I grab my belly in pain as I say I starting to feel a lot of squirming. I then have you rub my belly with oil (CLOSE UP) which makes me moan in pleasure as I say my eggs have finally calmed down. Suddenly I get taken aback, grab my belly again and throw up CUM! I feel bad and promise to give my stepson a “special treat” later.

Next scene: I’m in my bedroom getting fucked doggystyle, then do some dirty talking, like saying that the “snake eggs in my belly are hungry,” and “feed my starving belly with a big cream pie,” until “climax.” I thank your partner for his load, and stand up and moan and rub my belly simultaneously. I then notice my stepson peeking in the doorway, and I try to hurriedly explain why I’m fucking someone that isn’t his father;

Final scene: I enter stepson bedroom, wearing nothing but a robe, and begin to explain what’s been going on. I tell me that the snake eggs in my belly need special loads of cum often to stay healthy and alive, but sadly I haven’t been able to find the right guy: not even your father is sufficient. Then suddenly you pin me down to my amazement, and I ask what are you doing. I then repeat what you say, that you are going to claim my “special treat” now and give me YOUR cum. I try to resist, flailing all over the bed, but you bring your cock out and rub it against my belly. I say that the snake eggs in my belly are hungry again, but that fucking you is unacceptable and that you have to stop now! But You remain persistent, and have yme hold my legs up while you fuck me missionary while I’m trying to resist. We then do it cowgirl (from a side angle) until we both climax. YI then say that I made such a mess, and start sucking you while rubbing my belly at the same time until I gulp down more sperm. Then I say that “You are the one” while smiling and moaning

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