Molly Darling – Mommy’s Bedtime Treat HD 1080p (2022)

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Taboo roleplay//Mommy son fantasy// Handjob // You’re in bed trying to rest, when you hear movement outside of the door. It’s Mommy. She creeps in the room and gestures to be quiet. She tells you that Dad is snoring and she wanted to come in for cuddle. Dad never cuddles her anymore. She knew her best boy would be happy to give Mommy some attention. Mommy asks if she had woken you up, when you say you were struggling to drift off she says she knows a special thing which will help you and feel really good too. Mommy knows how much you stare at her body.. it’s ok. She promises not to tell your Dad, if you keep this a secret too. She pulls her nightie aside to reveal her huge busty cleavage. You can feel yourself getting excited. Mommy takes your hand and puts it on her breasts, she moans in pleasure. She pulls the covers over to reveal your cock bulging in your underwear. She loves how hard you are. Mommy pulls out her huge breasts one by one, exposing her pink nipples. Then she gets your cock out slowly. It might feel a little wrong that Mommy is doing this, but it’s okay because Mommy knows best. She licks and sucks your solid cock, rubbing you with her hand. It feels so good. Your Dad would be so jealous if he knew what Mommy was doing… but he had his chance with her. He’s just too old now. Mommy needs her son’s big dick to fulfil her needs. You can help each other. You give Mommy your big young cock and she will help you by draining your balls, whenever you need. You can’t take anymore of Mommy’s filthy talk and you cum whilst she jerks you off. Such a good boy for Mommy, she loves your cum. You’re going to have a good night’s rest now.

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