Missbehavin26 – Help Ur Gold Digging Aunt

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You are my Aunt. We are not related but you are married to my uncle. Incredibly I have won the lottery. $10 million!!! Now you are a gold-digger. You married my uncle because he had a decent job but you have become obsessed with me now I am so rich. Wicked thoughts have entered your mind and in your dreams you are plotting to seduce me and divorce my uncle.

You decide to throw a house party for the family and invite us all over as an excuse to see me. Have the camera set up on a table. You are out of shot pretending to talk to my mum “Tracy”. You tell her how you cant believe I won. You tell her that I need to be careful now as everyone will try and be friendly with me to get at my money. Talk with her for a bit then walk into shot holding a glass. Greet me and bend down and kiss the camera (as if kissing me on the cheek) but you tell me not to call you Auntie.

Basically talk to me about the win. Then go on to indulge me by telling me that all the family are jealous that I am now the bigshot of the family. Tell me that I am going to have such a great life. 18 and a multi-millionaire. You admit that you are a little jealous too. I ask why when you and my uncle are quite well off. You tell me that you have nothing compared to me and you could have so much fun with that kind of money. You tell me money is the most important thing in the world. Pretend I am uncertain and ask you that isn’t your marriage to my uncle more important. You frown and lean in close. You admit to me that you and my uncle are having difficulties at the minute. You tell me that you feel unsatisfied.
You pretend to look upset and me being naive offer to help. You smile and tell me im so sweet for offering to help. You whisper to me that there might be a way I can help but we cant talk about it here. We have to go somewhere private. You stand up and tell me to follow you.

Part 2: Have the camera set up in your bedroom on the bed. You walk into the room and quietly close the door. Thank me for coming with you. You sit down on the edge of the bed and tell me how you are thinking of applying for a divorce with my uncle. I am shocked. You tell me there is no love anymore and he had to take a demotion at work so is earning less money. You tell me that you want to have a good life and be married to a man that can look after you and satisfy you. I ask if you have met someone else? You cheekily admit you have. I ask who. You walk out of shot and get naked (pretend to be in the en-suite). You tease me by not saying me but describing me while out of shot getting naked. Well he’s a lot younger than me, dark haired, good looking, recently come into a lot of money. I ask who and you tell me it’s me while walking back into shot completely naked.

I am shocked. You tell me you’ve always found me attractive and now im 18 and an adult you can tell me your true feelings. I tell you that you are stupid, the family would never forgive me if I stole you from my uncle. You smile and tell me that sounds so sexy. I say no. You tell me that we can go far away from them and have such a great life. You tell me you don’t want my uncle anymore and you want to be my wife instead. I tell you that you are too old and I’d be embarrassed going out in public with you. You tell me we can go where nobody knows us and you tell me that you still have plenty to offer. I admit I do like your body. You tell me your body can be mine if I wed you.

Pretend to lean towards the camera and reach under the camera and pretend to unzip my pants and take out my cock. You tell me you will show me what you have to offer. Pretend to jerk my cock (I see your arm moving up and down but your hand is underneath the camera). When hard you bow your head down and pretend to give me a blowjob (all I see is the top of your head bobbing up and down as you pretend to suck me).
Then you climb onto the bed and pretend to lower yourself onto my cock. You are not really fucking anything just pretend. All the camera sees is the top half of your body (tits and face – not pussy). Bounce up and down on the bed as if you are fucking me. lean forward and kiss the camera, dangling your tits in front of the camera as if letting me suck on your nipples. All the time encouraging me and seducing me.

Pretend that I cum inside you and you orgasm as well. I apologise for cumming in you and I should have pulled out but it was hard with you on top. You lean forward and kiss me again and tell me it’s fine and you are to be my wife so no harm done. You climb off the bed and wipe your pussy and start getting changed. You tell me to go back downstairs or people will wonder where we are. You tell me not to say anything yet. You will speak to my uncle later. You can tell I am worried so you tell me seriously “Sam! You are making the right decision hun.” Finish the video there

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