Miss Malorie Switch – The Family NYE Party 4K

*Use of taboo trigger word, multiple characters: mom, aunt, sister!*

Your aunt is hosting a New Years Eve party with family and friends. You’re walking around watching the party, as your mom shamelessly flirts with her coworker, well past her limit, your sister going around with her boyfriend fucking in every room as you catch them, and your aunt manically hosting the party as the family goes crazy. She bends over, showing you an upskirt shot instantly making you hard. You run off to the bathroom to stroke, acting sick, but your aunt comes to check on you, hiding away from the party next to her nephew stroking his cock. She offers to suck it to help him out, knowing it is wrong, but secretly desperate for it. As you get close, your sister barges in on you two. Shocked, she runs off with your aunt running after to console her and explain something. You go to the couch with your mom, and she immediately notices your hardon, fueled by her glass and her lust. You look just like your dad, and with him at work tonight, she is extra desperate. She strokes you under the blanket to help you out, showing you sick and twisted affection, making you cum in her hand. She eats it up, and you leave to go find your sister. She is sucking her boyfriend already again, and you watch. She sees you, but keeps sucking, taking his load in her mouth. Once he leaves, you go down, and she confronts you about your aunt. She asks if you want her too, and if she can suck it just like auntie did. She instead pins you on the ground and rides you til you cum deep in her pussy, not caring about whether she gets pregnant or not. She doesn’t care at all. Your aunt starts coming down stairs, so she leaves quickly. Of course, your aunt thinks you still haven’t came, so she seduces you, desperate to feel her nephew, to fuck. She hasn’t had anything in so long, and she wants to make it up for blue balling you. You finger her and she guides you to the couch where you fuck your aunt, cumming once again deep inside of your aunt’s pussy… Finally, it’s the countdown… Your sister blows you a kiss, your aunt pecks your cheek, and once the clock strikes twelve, your mom pulls you in for a sloppy kiss. Happy New Year from this fucked up family to yours…

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