Melissa Moore, Eva Long – Step-Daddy’s Little Monster HD 720p

From: Primal’s Dark Reflections

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Part 1

Melissa shows up late for her class but her teacher, Miss Long, tells her that class was cancelled. Miss Long walks right up to Melissa and says it works out because she has really been meaning to talk to her. With a penetrating look in her eyes, Miss Long tells Melissa she likes to get to know her students really well, especially her. Melissa becomes slightly fearful, but Miss Long’s mysteriously compelling lure seems to take over her like a spell almost instantly. Tonight, Melissa is going to get an education she’s going to remember.. FOREVER!

Part 2

Melissa wakes up really late in her bed from her step-dad banging on the door and screaming at her. Melissa doesn’t understand why she has this intense hunger inside of her, but before she can question it, a change starts to occur in her unlike anything she’s ever felt before. Melissa walks confidentally into her step-dad’s room, creeping up on him almost like she’s stalking her prey. Throwing him down, she makes demands that would usually confuse a step-father, but with all her changes, she is going to get exactly what she wants from him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Part 3

Now that Melissa’s step-dad is too weak to fight back, she is going to drain him of EVERYTHING he has left. She’s going to satisfy her new found craving and lust for him.

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