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You heard everything. She wasn’t exactly the brightest student you’d ever had. In fact she was barely passing your class. But she was tenacious. That’s probably why she made a copy of your key and was going through your filing cabinets, looking for the answer key for the final test of the year. She was caught. She knew it, you knew it. Now you had to decide what to do with her. You weren’t going to let her walk out of there with the answer key, but you didn’t exactly care if she had a deep and meaningful understanding of the concepts of your class either. She hams it up big time, “Im so desperate, how will I ever pass your class now? Perhaps you can give me some private tutoring?”. The whole little act makes your dick hard instantly. If she was willing to play the naive little student, you’d more than happily play the domineering professor. Why can’t you both get what you want? Xoxo Meana Wolf Clip Contains: If she knew it would be this easy to trade her pussy for better grades, she wouldn’t have bothered to study at all. **Teacher. Student. Cum shot**

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