Meana Wolf – Sucked Twice HD 1080p

I am technically no longer alive. My heart no longer beats. Yet I still have a thirst for life. When I was made Vampire, my sexual appetites increased. The thought of sex still sends tingles throughout my body…much like it did so long ago when I was young. Things are much different then they were then. Nowadays Vampires are known for their sexual superiority. Men and women consider themselves lucky to have a sexual encounter with a Vampire…We are Gods among them. I am renowned as the most beautiful Vampire in my territory and every night I have my pic of hundreds of handsome young men, all fighting for my attention. You’re definitely my type. Handsome…young…strong. I can hear your heart begin to beat as I begin to suck your cock. Even as a human girl I loved sucking dick…when I became vampire my desire for cock became an obsession. I can tell you love the feel of my fangs grazing your cock. You beg me to bite you while I stroke. I do. The juice from your cock tastes incredible. It drives me wild as I stroke and suck you to orgasm. But I’m not done wit you yet. I climb on top of you and slide your cock inside of me. I ride you while I feed and cum just before your heart stops beating.

Clip Contains: Meana changes lets her fangs out. Fang growth and Eye colour change. Vampire Cock Sucking. Cum shot. Feeding. Hand over mouth. You’re drained until your heart stops beating.

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Duration: 00:17:23
Video: 1920×1080