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Your step-sister is a little, stuck up, princess, goody two-shoes. A book worm. Your parents fawn over her and adore her. She basically gets whatever she wants. But you? You’re always getting into trouble, while your perfect little step-sister Meana rules your house like a princess. Tonight she sneaks into your bedroom… Normally she dresses in all full length stuff. Nothing revealing…she’s such a prude. But she’s dressed like a total slut. She’s telling you some bs story about how she was out with her friend studying…but you can smell the sex on her. You can’t believe it. You thought for sure she was a virgin…she acts like one! But the scent of her freshly fucked pussy is making your dick hard. You’d never thought of her like that before this…but seeing her dressed like this is stirring up uncomfortable feelings for you. Then she spills it…she was on her way home from fucking her boyfriend and crashed step-mom and step-dad’s car. You laugh…she’s in serious trouble if step-mom and step-dad find out their little princess stole the car. She doesn’t even have her license yet. Your mind is blown on so many levels. I mean, this is your stuck up princess step-sister after all. You can’t wait to see the look on step-mom and step-dad’s face when they hear how bad she fucked up…but you don’t believe for one second that she’s as big as a slut as she’s pretending to be. Still. You can’t wait for her little princess reign to end. But Meana? She has other plans. See, she’s just as bad as you…she just never gets caught. She knows that acting like little miss perfect is the easiest way to get exactly what she wants…and she’s not about to let that go. And if she knows one thing for sure…it’s that you can’t resist a good game. And you’re about to make a bet that you can’t win. Your little step-sister challenges you to a game of “Don’t Cum”. It’s simple: If she can make you cum, then you have to fess up to crashing step-mom and dads car. “Surely an inexperienced, goody two shoes, virgin like me couldn’t possibly make and older, more experienced boy like you cum just from my little mouth and hands. And surely, any moral, normal, upstanding man would never cum in his little step-sister’s mouth. This should be easy for you. Right?”
xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your little step-sister Meana expertly edges, sucks and strokes your cock. She paces you just enough to make you think you have the upper hand. But she’s playing you. You feel her bare tits rubbing agains your thighs as she edges your dick beyond belief. She laughs at how utterly easy you are to control. She strokes you fast… you know your about to blow, and she knows it too, so she pulls you back. Her edging is pure . You never thought she could handle a dick like this. You’ve never been sucked so hard. You never had a chance.

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