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Even for a grown man, it can be eerie living in a house alone. Especially this old piece of junk you just bought. It creeks and moans when the wind picks up… there’s cold drafts… sometimes things are out of place. But in the first few days of you being there you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was there with you. Some dark presence lurking. Especially in the bedroom. The noises..the doors slamming…the footsteps in the hallways. It started to get so bad that you couldn’t sleep at night. Your younger siblings suggest the three of you stage a stake-out to see if the place is really haunted once and for all and when your brother and sister arrive, everything seems okay for a while. You feel yourself relax. It’s so good to be with them, it’s like being young again. You’re on first watch, but your exhaustion and the soothing presence of your siblings send you to sleep.

You wake up to find your sister Meana is missing… you wake Nathan up and the two of you discover her naked in the bedroom. Whatever it is that has been lurking in the house now inhabits her body as she writhes and lunges at you both. Nathan tries to resist, but her kiss leaves him unable to control his urges. The presence controls them both now as they fuck. You watch in horror as your brother slides his cock inside of your sister. She moans. She touches your cock and you feel yourself stiffening. You feel yourself unable to resist your sister as she begs for both her brother’s cocks.

The three of you writhe in forbidden sex as the paranormal force takes control. But in the cruelest joke of all, the spirit that inhabits your sister leaves her body… with her brother’s cocks still inside of her she moans and pleads for you to wake up from this nightmare. But she wants to continue…the spirit wants you to continue for it’s pleasure. There’s something wrong with this place… but the three of you never want to leave… you never want to wake up from this nightmare. You want to stay there, fucking your sister forever.

Xoxo Meana Wolf Ft Nathan Bronson

Clip Contains: A paranormal presence inhabits your sister’s body and pushes her to do the unthinkable, fuck her two brothers. As it leaves her she tries to stop, but the feeling of her brother’s cocks in her mouth and her pussy is too good…too forbidden…too strong. Something in this place is compelling the three of you to continue… you saw it in her eyes… she was possessed. You saw the vacant stare in your younger brother as he fucked her… did something make you fuck her too? Or were you a willing participant? Either way…the three of you will never leave this house again. **Brother/Brother/Sister Taboo. Spirit Possession. Mind Control. Mesmerize. Magic. Paranormal. B/B/G threesome. Featuring Nathan Bronson.**

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