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I know my husband has been suspecting something for a while now. I mean after all…I don’t exactly hide the fact that I’m having an affair. He’ll come home from work and sometimes I haven’t even showered. I know he can smell his cologne…I know he can smell my lovers cum all over my face…and my cunt. Today he came home to confront me. I wasn’t going to deny it. Why should I? I’m tired of being repressed by an inadequate man. haha But then my lover walked in the door. I told my husband he could stay if he wanted but I thought it was best if he left. But then my lovers cock grew hard. I knew he wanted to fuck me in front of my pathetic husband. He wanted to show my husband how dirty he likes to fuck me and how much I love it. My husband just sat there watching…he couldn’t help but get hard at the sight of me getting pounded by this superior young male. By the end of it I have him begging me to fuck any man I want because it makes his cock so hard just thinking about it.

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