Maria Jade – Massage From My Wife’s Sister Part 1 HD 1080p

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After i hurt my back at work my wife booked me a massage appointment with her sister maria. i was a little nervous since i had always had a thing for my wife’s older sister and now she was going to be rubbing her hands all over me. when it came time for my appointment i went to Maria’s house and found her in the kitchen, we made some small talk and i asked her where her husband was. she said he was at work like usual so it would just be the 2 of us in the house while i was getting my massage. she showed me where she had the table set up in the living room and told me to give her a yell when i was undressed and under the towel. after she worked on back for a while she told me to flip over, i knew i was going to have a problem since my dick was rock hard. she massaged my legs for a while but eventually my dick poked out from under the towel. maria giggled and told me it was ok and that it sometimes happened to guys getting a massage. i told her i was sorry and that me and her sister had been having some problems so sex was something i was getting a lot of these days. she smiled and she was sorry and understood. she thing got a really focused look on her face and she said if i wanted she would be willing to help me. i asked what she meant, she put some oil in her hands, pulled the towel down, grabbed my dick and started stroking! after i came harder then i thought ever possible she told me to take my time getting cleaned up and that she would see me in a week for my next massage appointment!

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