Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – SEDUCED by My Son and his PRECUM HD 720p (2022)

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You are my “stepson” and you’ve been sick in bed all day…getting very bored not being able to do *any* of your favorite things – you don’t even have the energy to jerk off! So I come home from work to check on my boy, see how you’re doing. You tell me how you haven’t been able to do anything, and how I am making you HARD! Your hott “stepmom” is making you hard as a rock, and I am flattered babe but… I can’t help you. You start becoming super sad puppy dog eyes, desperate for my touch. You pull out your dick and to my surprise…. You have a HUGE glob of precum dripping out of your dick! Well.. thats all it took from you to get me very interested…. You had no idea that you stepmom had a precum kink… but… NOW you do! Something then comes over me and I am magnetically drawn to this cock that I MADE with my own body… I shouldn’t be so turned on, but I AM! I play with your precut, suck your cock…. Get you feeling GOOD. You ask to see the pussy you came from and I am reluctant but… you’re my stepson. It seems I will now do anything for you! We continue hooking up and I make you cum and you make me cum and I can’t stop talking dirty and I’m the most turned on I’ve EVER been! Maybe you should stay home sick more often….! *********** tags: stepmom/stepson, taboo, boy/girl, kinky, handjob, sensual handjob, sexy mom, cum, precum kink, precum fetish, precum, dirty talk, fucking, sex, POV Sex, POV, blowjob, cock sucking, cowgirl, riding, cumming, orgasms, sensual, stepmom, stepson, m/s, quarantine

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