Lissie Belle – love potion gone wrong HD 720p

lissie the college teacher! shes a great teacher she went to her favorites student´s dorm to ask about his assignment, but when she walked in she saw a bottle of what appeared to be water, being relly hot and thirsty she drank the whole thing, when she got to her students bedroom he was upset and said that bottle wasnt meant for her, a few minutes later she starts acting really strange she says shes hot and horny and suddenly in desperate need for her students cock! she also suddenly feels very in love with him, she rips his pants off and she rides him till hes cum and hes exhausted, hes so tired and weirded out by he sudden desire for him so he asks her to get off but she refuses and continues to ride him till hes out, she goes out for a class and brings him back some food to keep his strenght up and shes dressed in brand new lingerie for him, she gets on top of him again she just cant get enough as she rides him she tells him how he will always be available for her to fuck all day every day! she cums and tells him to get ready for round 3, its gonna be a long night!

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