Lina Love / Lina_Love – When my mother finds out!! Stepfather (56) inseminates me while mom is cooking! HD 1080p

Lately I had often imagined how it would be to have something with my mother’s new guy because he looks really super good and I’m sure he can fuck well like she always beams in the morning. Since I had a super exhausting day, I wanted to lie down again while my mum cooked dinner, she would come and wake me up when the time came. However, I could hardly believe my eyes when my stepfather stood naked in front of me with a hard cock to wake me up. Am I just dreaming this as a horny sex dream or is it actually real? I could save myself the pinching because I quickly got his hard cock to suck and now I knew it was actually real! How long had I imagined this situation in my head and I got so incredibly wet every time. However, the reality was so much better than my hottest dream with my stepfather and now I could also understand my mum’s daily smile after this hot bareback fuck with him!!

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