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Ever since the divorce, Lily’s step-dad has been very, very busy. Working all the time running his business leaves very little time for him to show his as much attention as he used to. Most of the time Lily is out and about, doing her own thing.

With her step-dad being so busy, Lily is extra surprised to find out her step-dad is getting married! He doesn’t even have time to have breakfast with her, but he found a woman to fall in love with? And she’s going to be moving in along with her step-son? So now Lily has a new stepmom and a new stepbrother in the blink of an eye. It’s a lot to handle!

And when there’s a lot to handle….Lily deals with it in her own way…by withdrawing. Skipping school, hanging out with boys…her step-dad is so busy with his new wife he doesn’t even know whats going on.

But her stepbrother Branden has noticed. He’s a little older than Lily. And he seems to want to actually be a step-brother to her. He’s always trying to help her with homework, ask how her day went…all that stuff. Its kind of annoying to Lily which is why she shuts him down each and every time. She didn’t ask for anyone to intrude in her life. She can handle it herself. She doesn’t notice it…but each time she shuts him down…he gets a little bit angrier….

Lily’s focused on other things though. Things like Johnny. Shes been spending a lot of time with him lately. She’s on the phone with him on this particular day when she comes home. As usual her step-dad and stepmom are not there…but her stepbrother is. As usual hes all up in her business, asking where she’s been. And on this day, Lily has had enough and she gives Branden a piece of her mind. Its none of his business who she hangs out with and whether she goes to school or not. He’s not even her real step-brother. He’s Black for goodness sakes!

Branden, who’s just trying to be a good step-brother, doesn’t get it. His mind is filled with so many emotions….confusion….anger…but one thing Lily said really sticks with him….”You’re not even my real step-brother.” She’s right. He’s not her real step-brother. Which means he can do things a real step-brother couldn’t….

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