Lexi Snow – Sons Bully On Halloween HD 1080p

Lexi and her husband throw a great Halloween party at home for their friends and coworkers, and since their son is home from university, it seemed like a great excuse. Unfortunately, they learn that there’s a bully that’s been making his life very difficult and Lexi decides to invite this bully to smooth things over. Lexi and the bully get talking and she thinks its all settled until she goes to get some towels for apple bobbing and he follows her upstairs. He tells her the only way he will leave her son alone is if she has sex with him. She eventually agrees and makes its clear she is ovulating and her and her husband are trying to conceive – so he cannot cum in her! To begin with, she’s not overly impressed with his performance for such a confident man but eventually starts enjoying it. Her absence doesn’t go unnoticed and her husband knocks on the door! Lexi tries to get him to leave whilst the clown fucks her from behind. They make it back to bed and he fucks her until he cums… inside her! She’s left hoping no one ever finds out what she did to ensure her an easier life for her boy.

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Duration: 00:30:00
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