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I was all alone outside of school after cheer practice but luckily my friend Ashley’s dad was able to give me a ride! I get in Mr. Wolff’s van but he needs to make a quick stop at his house first so I ask if I can go into Ashley’s room to change out of my uniform. I look up and find Mr. Wolff standing in the doorway spying on me getting undressed. I feel a little weird at first but then I tell him it’s okay and he can come in. He says I should put some clothes on but I tell him it’s okay cuz I turned 18 last week! He sits down on the bed next to me and says that I’m his daughter’s friend and this isn’t right but I tell him she doesn’t have to know. I see Mr. Wolff getting hard through his jeans so I know he’s having dirty thoughts about me. He asks if I’ve ever done this with any of the boys in my school before and I say no but he can teach me. He starts to kiss me then has me lay down so he can take my panties off and start to eat my pussy. It feels really good when he touches me there with his tongue. He starts to put his fingers inside of me and asks if it’s too much but I say it’s okay. He gets up and says we should stop but I tell Mr. Wolff I want more. He says I shouldn’t even be with someone his age but I beg him to keep going. He agrees to let me touch his dick a little so I stroke it with my hand. I ask if it’s okay if I put my mouth on it because how else am I supposed to learn? He does have more experience because he’s older. I start to suck his dick then he shows me how to stroke it and suck at the same time. He says we have to stop because he’s gonna cum but I ask what about the other stuff? He says there’s no way we can have sex because I just turned 18 and I’m not ready but I say that I’m ready and I trust him. He kisses me and asks if I’m sure then tells me to lay back and says we have to be careful because we don’t have any condoms. He puts his dick in me for the first time and says it’s so tight and to tell him if it’s too much. He keeps fucking me and his dick feels reallllyyyy good. He starts to rub my clit while he fucks me and that feels extra good. He asks if I’m ready to try getting on top and I say yes so I start to ride his dick and I love it. I feel his dick so deep in my tummy. He says if I wanna make a boy feel good I can stop in the middle of sex and put his dick back in my mouth. I show him I remember what he taught me by sucking and stroking his dick at the same time. He says there’s one more thing he think I might like then turns me around and bends me over and starts fucking me from behind. It feels so good my eyes start to close. It feels good for him too because he pulls out and cums on my butthole and says he almost wasn’t careful. Mr. Wolff says nobody can ever find out about this and I pinky promise him that I’ll keep it a secret and he says maybe he can teach me again soon. Then he tells me to clean up so he can get me back home to my mom and dad.

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