Leena Sky in POV Diaries #2 – The Next Morning HD 720p

From: Bare Back Studios

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It’s the morning after, and the scene starts with the Step-Son looking to the floor.

He quietly opens the door to his parent’s room, goes beside Leena, and gently starts to fondle her tits.

His step-dad is under the sheets, right beside her, fast resting.

Step-Mom awakes, surprised by the situation. She whispers “what are you doing?”

The step-son takes her by the arm, and helps her get up and pulls her out of the room and into his.

After getting his step-mom inside his room, he locks the door and turns back to step-mom and says “Step-Mom, I was cut short yesterday. I kinda need some more”

“Your step-dad’s just in the other room” replies step-mom hesitantly

The step-son starts groping his step-mom and says “He probably had too much to drink yesterday, as usual… It’s like 7 in the morning, on a Saturday. His probably gonna be out for another couple hours”

Step-Mom replies “You’re probably right”

Step-Son gropes step-mom and helps her take her nighties off, and lays her on the bed.

Then he sets the camera, so that you can see step-mom’s body in its entirety (and the back of his head), and starts to give her oral.

Step-Mom encourages him by saying things like “That’s my boy”

After a bit, step-son picks up the camera again, goes up to step-mom and takes out his cock saying “Time to reciprocate step-mom”

Step-Mom starts giving her step-son a BJ while she looks into the camera.

The two proceed to fucking.

After dirty talking and fucking in various positions, the step-son explodes in step-mom’s mouth.

Step-Mom continues to suck her step-son’s cock, swallowing and cleaning his cock in the process.

Step-Mom gets up and heads to the bathroom, and step-son follows.

She starts cleaning the cum off her, and the step-son locks the bathroom door.

“Step-Mom, I’m still hard” says the step-son.

Step-Mom smiles and starts sucking her step-son’s cock again

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