Leena Sky in POV Diaries #2 – More Footage HD 720p

From: Bare Back Studios

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1 – Step-Mom is putting on her make-up in the bathroom.
The camera pulls back to find her step-son fucking her from behind.
Leena cannot concentrate and puts down her make-up brush and enjoys the sex…

2 – Later in the Day Step-Mom is packing for a long trip.
In walks the step-son and plants his cock in her pussy.
“Step-Mom I want something to remind me of you while you are away”
Leena says, “Sure Step-Son, anything you need…”

3 – Step-Son walks around with the camera and finds mum in the kitchen, with an apron on, doing choirs.
“Step-Mom I have the camera on me, do you mind?” asks the step-son
“Not at all” replies step-mom
Son starts groping mum from behind. He helps mum out of her clothes but leaves the apron on.
He sets the camera beside them so it can capture his step-mom in her entirety.
He puts a condom on saying, “Step-Mom, I wanna just cum in your mouth this time”
“I’m fine with whatever you want to do with me” says step-mom playfully.
He starts fucking her from behind.
After a bit, he picks the camera back up and fucks step-mom in various positions, as mum dirty talks to him (which encourages him).
Mom begs for her step-son to cum, telling him how his cock belongs inside her, etc.
Son blows his load.
He gropes mum a little more and says “thanks step-mom”

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