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I’m a foreign exchange student living with you and your wife, and I got this brilliant and devious idea… I ask to borrow your phone, but I sneakily use it to take nude pictures of me! I tell you if you don’t do as I say, I’ll show everyone that you took these pictures of me on your phone and YOU sent them to ME! I admit that I’m a virgin, and I want you to teach me and help me lose my virginity. You resist at first, but remember the evidence I have on you? Smile I make you wear a condom, and we try different positions until I get very comfortable. Then I get on top and secretly remove the condom as we cum together, and you creampie me without knowing! On top of all this, I admit I’ve been recording us the whole time. Now, I reeeally own you ^^ Includes: Asian, Chinese, petite, student, blackmail fantasy, impregnation fantasy, role-play, blowjob, riding, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, condom, creampie, couple, boy girl, POV.

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