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Custom (no name): You’re on a business trip in a small town, and when you check into your hotel, they’ve overbooked. You end up having to share a room. When you meet your roommate for the night, it becomes clear that she’s a provider. “A professional companion,” she corrects you. You have nowhere else to go, so you’re stuck. She can tell you’re being judgmental. “Don’t act like this isn’t the best thing that’s happened to you in a long time. You’ll have a story to tell your friends.” She suggests that if you stay on opposite sides of the bed, fully clothed, everything will be fine. You reluctantly climb under the covers & are out before she even comes out of the bathroom in her nightgown.

Sometime in the middle of the night you awaken to the covers being pulled down. You open your eyes & the “companion” is smiling at you, uncovering your crotch. She says you were touching her & she knows you want her. Sure enough, you have a hardon. But you’re a married man & you know you’d never cheat on your wife. But as she starts touching you, and you don’t resist, she points out that you’re a big strong man & you can stop her if you really want to. You want to stop her, but you don’t. It’s wrong, but it feels good. As she starts giving you a blowjob, you know that you’re probably going to let this happen. She pulls out a condom, puts it on you, and you feel better about it. No one has to know. Your wife never has to know. She rides your cock & it feels so good that you just give into her & let her do whatever she wants.

You don’t even realize it when she pulls off the condom. But she tells you she’s done it. She’s clearly relishing in her sexuality & getting you to cheat on your wife without a condom. She reminds you that you’re married, and she asks what your wife would think of you having unprotected sex with an “escort”, taking these risks. You can’t believe you don’t stop her right then & there, but the power she has over you is so strong that you explode deep inside her, giving her a creampie. “I hope I don’t get pregnant,” she says. She teases you about your wife, and you know you’ve made a mistake but it felt so good.

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