Kyler Quinn – Christmas Gift HD 1080p

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It’s that time of year again when Santa doesn’t just give good boys and girls gifts, sometimes he’ll give good stepfather’s a present as well. When bratty stepdaughters misbehave all year long, Santa will cast a spell and turn them into good just for their step-daddy. Late at night on Christmas Eve the once bratty Kyler Quinn whispers seductively, teasing her stepdad with an ASMR video. She confesses all the things she hopes will happen after step-mommy goes to bed. What would he do if he found her dressed like this by the Christmas tree? Would he be able to stop himself if she whispered in his ear and begged to be his gift? If she fell to her knees would it prove what a good girl she had become? She can’t wait for step-daddy, her pussy is too wet so she lays back and plays with herself [Beautiful Agony] until he finally come downstair to take his gift. He’s already hard the moment he sees her sexy young body waiting for him and she quickly teases his cock. He can’t resist as she falls to her knees. He grabs the back of her head and thrusts his cock in and out of his stepdaughter wet little mouth until he can’t take it anymore. She lays back as he pushes himself into her tight young pussy. She promises to stay quiet, step-mommy won’t hear, its their little secret. A secret Christmas gift for both of them, but after tonight step-daddy is going to want EVERY day to be Christmas.

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