Kimber Lee – Taboo JOI With Cum Countdown! HD 1080p

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It is so unfair how step-mom and step-dad treat me, I wish that they would lighten up just a little bit! Were they ever this harsh with you? I figure since your my older step-brother maybe you’d kn ow better than I would. Well of course they were nicer to you, I guess since I’m the younger one they want to protect me.. OMG my tit just popped out!! I am so sorry, I didn’t realize that this dress was so low-cut! Are you getting hard from seeing me? I had know idea you had those feelings towards me… This is so weird now!.. You want me to tell you how to jerk off? Umm I guess, I mean there is nothing wrong with that. Why is this turning me on!? I cant believe I’m telling my own step-brother how to jerk off to me. Well I guess I should show you mine… Now cum for me before step-mom and step-dad get home!!

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