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Step-Mom finally gets home after an extra long and difficult day at work, she’s still on the phone when she get’s home and her boss asks her to check one more email. She agrees and opens up her laptop… only to find a ton of MILF porn all over it. She’s tired, and now she’s upset and calls you into her room. She confronts you and starts nagging you, she then notices even though she’s been trying to punish you with her words you’ve got a boner… She sends you out and trys to decompress… she starts playing with herself and even grabs a vibrator to help her relax a bit after such a stressful day, unaware of you sneaking a peek while she brings herself to orgasm… Except she notices you and slams the door in your face. Thinking she’ll just nap it off step-mom gets into bed, and tries to enjoy a nap… unaware of you watching her and planning something she’ll never forget… You tie her up and place her vibrator on her clit, using her own gag and nipple clamps she keeps in her closet. Step-Mom wakes up to an orgasm and extreme confusion… incredibly turned on by your moms struggle to escape, secretly knowing she’s loving it since that is the kind of porn you found on her laptop earlier that same day… you pull out your cock and fuck your step-mom hard. You fill her pussy with your cum and before letting her go you ask if she’s going to be good… she nods yes and you untie her. She tries to find words… but figures its best to just never talk about this ever again…

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