Kelly Payne – Step-Mom gets used by step-son’s Bully HD 1080p

Kelly get’s a concerning text and then phone call from her step-son at school. Sounds like that bully has been picking on her step-son again, cornered and frustrated Kelly tries to be as supportive as possible asking if he would like to come home? Her step-son declines, and ends the call saying he’s okay. Frustrated Kelly looks up the bully on social media, finds him and sends him a PM asking him to please call her ASAP. Surprised by how fast he returns the call she asks to speak to his parents. Not really getting anywhere with her step-son’s bully he hangs up on her, she calls back this time offering money. (POV Bully) But you don’t want her money, after seeing her social media you decide you want to see her tits. Startled she declines and offers money saying you could get other girls to do as you wish with the cash, she gives you. That gives you an even better idea. You make a deal to leave her step-son alone if she shows you her tits in person. Even better… right now, you know where she lives since her step-son lives so close by. Kelly reluctantly agrees, calls in sick for work and waits for you to arrive. Nervous she offers you a drink but your ready to get what you came for and she starts to remove her top and bra, you try to take a photo but she refuses and you take the opportunity to say she’ll have to give you something else then. You demand to see her panties, which she reluctantly shows you. Slowly you demand and push her into making herself cum in her panties for you and stuffing them inside her pussy, telling her to use a vibrator and get them nice and wet for you. As you watch you can tell how aroused she is, you take advantage after watching her cum multiple times and pull her close and shove your cock inside. To aroused and horny to stop you she covers your cock in her cum. (POV Virtual Sex) After fucking her awhile she pulls away and brings herself to a squirting orgasm, you fuck her till you cum inside of her. Reminding her she’ll do as you ask from now on or else…

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