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Jenny is late to her therapy session with Dr. Bottom and is a bit flustered when she arrives. The Doctor assures her that there is no need to be upset and leads her over to a comfortable couch. She tells him of her mentally boyfriend, and he offers that her inner strength is strong. He makes her say that she is strong and beautiful and come to a self-realization. He tells her that she deserves a better man.

He offers to take her coat, the room is a lot warmer than when she came in. He sits down next to her on the couch, gently rubbing her leg. She finds this a little uncomfortable and unethical. As she attempts to push his hand away she accidentally touches his Time Stop watch and shes instantly frozen! He spreads her legs and rubs her pussy through her white, laced underwear.

He unfreezes her and she is completely confused and he deflects her suspicions by talking to her. He freezes her again and lays her down on the couch this time fingering her pussy to get her nice and wet. He returns her to normal and unfreezes her, her mind racing with erotic thoughts and pleasure she cant describe.

He freezes her again, not getting the results he wanted. He lifts her and carries her over to his desk and lays her down. He fingers and licks her pussy again, making sure shes plenty warmed up. He brings her back to the couch and unfreezes her. He wants to sever her relationship and start a new one. She doesnt want any part of a relationship with him so he has to freeze her for good.

Ya win some, ya lose some.

He strips her naked and fucks her on his desk, pounding her pussy until he cums deep inside her. Now thats doctor/patient confidentiality!

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