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Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Siblings, Sisters, Role play

How long have you been standing in my room? It’s fine, I’m just working on homework. I’ve been so stressed out because of school, my body is so tense. Really? A massage? I don’t know. Feels kind of weird. Plus, aren’t mom and dad home? I don’t want them thinking anything. You’re right though, I need to relax. How else will I be able to do my homework? Sure. You can rub my feet. Fuuuuuck. That feels amazing. Get in there. Yeaah – HEY! W-why did you put my foot on your cock? Why are you hard? I didn’t realize rubbing my feet would turn you on. I do really need to relax though…I guess we can keep going. I need to focus….Yeah get my legs too. I have knots everywhere. That’s feels great. Sorry I get noisy. I hope mom and dad don’t think we’re doing it. If anything we can just tell them we’re playing video games. Oh god yes—WAIT! Don’t put your mouth there. You shouldn’t. But..it does feel good. Great. Now I’m horny. Look what you did. Fine. You can lick my pussy only because it felt as good as it did. I need to lock the door, it would be embarrassing if they walked in on you eating me out.—Go ahead. Fuck yes. Keep going. Don’t stop. Let’s move this to the bed, I want to be completely relaxed if you know what I mean.

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