Janna Hicks – Her Step-Son Is the New Man in her Life HD 720p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Janna’s step-son finds her brokenhearted on the couch. She’s had an absolutely miserable date, but Rion tries to console her. It’s important to him to make his step-mom happy. He tells her things happen for a reason, and maybe there’s a reason things didn’t work out with her date. Janna wishes she could find a man as good as the one she raised. Maybe she already has…

Neither Rion nor step-mom can rest. They can’t stop thinking about what they did with each other, and they’ve both been craving more since. Step-Mom shows off her new lingerie, and Rion’s jaw drops. Both want more, but this time Janna takes the lead. She knows the sounds her boy’s girlfriend makes. She wants him to bring those sounds out of her. Tonight Rion learns how to give step-mom everything she needs.

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