***ENGLISH*** This video is only in French. Welcome to the Sperm Bank Premium, here we are looking for the best sample of ball juice … uh sorry … sperm. I’m Megan, the nurse who will assist you through the procedure. Sit back while I read your file … mmmmh … I read that this is your first time with us. Have you never given your seed before? I mean at a clinic aha! OK, so first of all I have to inspect your cock … er … your penis, sorry I’m talking a bit bluntly, do you mind? Mmmmh so much better. Unhook your pants, let me see your penis more closely … I have to see it erect to feel how hard it is. I’m going to help you a little. “Let me help you first, I have to make it harder … relax, It’s fine … I like hard cocks like yours.” Let me see your balls: you haven’t wanked for a week I hope. They are full of juice for your little nurse slut, vicious little one! Go ahead … wait there not too fast I see a little precum at the end of your cock … Stop! Let go of penis, the exam is over now. “I take a small container and some lubricant and explain the procedure to you. “Here in our sperm bank we are looking for the best possible sample, that’s why you’re going to follow my instructions and don’t ejaculate before I have authorized you to do so, OK? Good boy! To stimulate you we don’t have magazines or porn movies, only sexy nurses like me: my job is to get you excited with my French dirty talk, by undressing and being a very slutty little nurse. You’re ready? Let me put some lubricant on your cock and start wanking by following my movements… ”Then, I give you JOI while undressing, giving me some spanking and masturbating myself in front of you until orgasm and imploring to fill the small container with your sperm.

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