Happy Birthday Sweetheart: Maria Jade & Lady Fyre HD 1080p

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Happy birthday sweetie. Today is your special day, and I know you didn’t want to celebrate it this year, but I have a surprise for you. You haven’t been very horny for me lately. You said that’s what marriage does to a man. Then you’ll be happy to know that your birthday surprise is not me. No, I think I’m done with you for a while. With a body like this, I don’t deserve to be rejected.

Since I’m such a good wife, I have this gift for you… all wrapped in a red ribbon.

Maria is going to fulfill those needs you say you have. Look at her big, beautiful ass. Go ahead & stare at it. This is what gets you off, isn’t it? She’s all yours. Do you think you can handle her? Fuck her harder. I see you like the way she bounces on her cock. Maybe you like brunettes better? Or maybe I’m too pale for you? What’s wrong sweetie? God, do we have to do everything? Should she ride you? Maybe you’re just lazy.

I’m so glad to see you enjoying yourself. Didn’t I pick a nice ass for you sweetheart? She does have great technique. And she’s so pretty. She seems to like your cock… or at least she’s good at pretending. I guess you’ll never know. I’m enjoying myself too. I’m enjoying that confused look on your face. I’m enjoying watching you wonder what you should be feeling right now. Is it messing with your head? That’s too bad. I DO want you to enjoy yourself my love. Of course I do…

Now I do know she agreed to do this without a condom, but I think she’d like to leave without a pussy full of cum, so she’s going to finish you off with a handjob. Can you do this in front of me?

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