Erica Kay – Do you like step-mommy in pink? taboo


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Sexy milf Erica has some step-mommy fun with satin fetish “step-son”…sexy 4play silky satin teasing and sensual lewd sex with lots of naughty step-mother step-son dialogue.Its been so long step-son since we’ve had some step-mother-step-son time together and now that your so big and grownup and leaving again… Im going to miss you. All those fun times we had…. Do you remember when I used to catch you masturbating in my room using my satin panties? and do you remember all those times I had to clean my brand new silky nightgowns after you used them to get off with, cumming on them and secretly hiding them under your bed thinking I wouldn’t find them…you were soo naughty…your young adult years were some heavy duty lingerie washing for me hahaha…plus keeping your little fetish secret from your step-father was so hard…But you know that a step-mother would do anything for her precious boy…So before you leave me again with your step-father all alone in this big house…why dont I show you what you will be missing from step-mommy while you’re gone…I know what you like and how you like it…do you think step-mommy looks nice in pink?

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