Emmas Secret Life – WonderWomans PSA about Mom/Son Bonding HD 1080p

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I’ve had this video idea for a while that wasn’t the slave Mommy thing we’ve been doing and wanted to see about it, maybe for the contest? 20 minutes?

– Wonder Woman does a national PSA about family bonding for Mom’s and sons to watch together. WW talks to Mom’s and sons. WW convinces Mom’s and demonstrates to do stuff to their sons while they are watching to help them bond.
– WW has Mommy’s take their tits out and have their sons suck on them. WW tells sons what their Mommy’s like to feel.
– WW has Mommy’s get naked and have their sons please them. WW shows the anatomy of her pussy and what Mommy will like.
– WW has Mommy’s hug their sons tight and rub their penis at the same time.
– WW has Mommy’s ride their sons (WW rides a dildo) and tries to get all the mom’s and Sons in the nation to orgasm at the same time as WW.
– WW has all the Mommy’s make sure their sons finish inside their Mommy, possible impregnation.

During all this a lot of loving taboo talk to the sons about being born from their Mommy’s pussy, sucking on their Mommy’s tits is natural to them, Mommy made every part of their body and it belongs to their Mommy, how both of their bodies are feeling and responding, etc…
Also, if WW could take off the corset when she shows the sons her pussy, that’s just
because I love looking at that part of your body too. Sorry if this one is too taboo, I understand.

In this I am WW talking to the mothers and sons and demonstrating on my body what I want the mothers to do for their sons right?

Yes, that’s right. Part sex ed, part instruction. Some persuasion talking very taboo.

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