Emmas Secret Life – Oops I Fucked My Nephew HD 1080p

You are dressed in the dual tone cowl neck halter dress, you hair in a bun, wearing glasses, your choice on lingerie but no bra. Your on the phone with your sister, your telling her how wonderful it was on your vacation…how relaxing it was. She begins apologizing about imposing on you just after your vacation. You tell her nonsense, you’ve been through some nasty divorces, so you know how hard this is for her and its been so long since you’ve seen her and your nephew, almost sixteen years! You have no problem with letting them stay with you for a bit while things settle down. She tells you there just about at the front door and you come over to greet them. You immediately hug your sister and tell her nothing has changed, she looks just the same! You ask where’s your darling little nephew? You look over her shoulder and your mouth drop open in shock. You point and say that’s your nephew? Is this some kind of joke?! When you see only confusion on your sisters face you put up a light smile saying how grown he’s gotten! He’s no longer little…you tell her to go explore the house as your nephew reaches the door and sees you. As soon as your sister is out of sight you break down in emotions; anger, fear, guilt. You fucked your nephew! You had him pound and stretch out you tight holes for a whole week! You ate his cum! You let him cum in you! You bring him to the couch telling him no one can find out about this no one! You would be ruined, and this would crush your sister. You look down and notice how hard he’s getting, and you freak out again pointing at it. You’re his aunt! What you both did was wrong, sick and wrong! How can he possibly get hard from knowing he fucked his aunt?! He tells you he still sees it that he fucked the hottest woman he’d ever seen. You roll your eyes and tell him thanks but that still doesn’t change the facts that it never happened. It. Did. Not. Happen. He laughs and says oh he thinks it did happen other wise where did these photos of you chocking on his cock come from? You grab his phone and gaze at horror at the evidence before you. He tells you this is how its going to work. He doesn’t care you’re his aunt, in fact he thinks its even hotter and luck for him he gets to spend his whole summer here…with you the hottest ass he’s ever fucked. Your free to turn him down but he tells his mom about how a cougar sunk her claws into him over his break…that looked just like you! Your shoulders slunk with defeat as you glare at him saying so what your now his personal fuck toy now? He stands and says yes as he pulls out his cock. You tell he’s insane, his mother is down the fucken hall! He pushes your head forward and begins to fuck your pretty face. You keep glaring at him as he continues to fuck your face and pulls down your top until your sister calls for you. You continue to lick and jack him while you answer her questions (where’s the bathroom, do you have a hot tube, stuff like that) and you immediately straighten up as she comes back into the room. You tell her you were just catching up with your nephew…and since everyone is all settle in you think you should go and get some dinner! As your about to rush out your sister says she’ll take care of it. You tell her NO you’re the host you should provide for your family and guests but your sister is firm saying your helping her out in a tough spot, she’s treating you tonight. She saw a good steak joint a few miles away she’ll be back in a bit. You stare miserably as she leaves. As soon as the door closes, your nephew tells you to lose your cloths (keep heels on if you choose) and he proceeds to fuck you in the middle of the living room. You tell him the set of balls he has…his mother could come home with his cock balls deep in her sister! You can believe you’re going to be this fucken brat’s fuck toy! You contiue talking about how risky this was, how wrong it is, and how fucked up he is until you begin to enjoy the sex begrudgingly until he comes in your mouth and all over your tits of you…he’s tell you to come to his room later tonight and leaves you miserable and cum covered on the ground. Cut to you back in your dress but your hair is all over the place, your glasses are a skewed, and your cloths are very disheveled and you smile weakly as your sister comes in, she asks you whats wrong what happened? You say nothing…your just so happy to have your family here with you

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