Ellie Skyes – The Cheerleader: Daddy x Daughter Movie HD 720p

My first ever Short Movie with all the juicy taboo smut your heart desires from your sweet daughter Ellie! ** You are focused on your work when suddenly a knock at your office door breaks your concentration. Your daughter must’ve just got home from school. You permit her to come in as you ask her how school was. She seems to have something she needs to spit out to you as you see the papers in her hands. Did she fail a test? No, she wants to join an extra-curricular activity. What could it be this time? Last time she tried to join the swim team and begged to be taken out.. You tell her to spit out the information she is begging you to say yes to.. She wants to be a cheerleader. Your instinct is to say no but, then you look at your daughter’s sweet face.. And then that’s when your mind starts to wonder.. Having a cheerleader daughter in those hot uniforms walking around all over the house. The exposing poses she would be practicing at home.. Always seeing up her skirt and getting a peek of something a father isn’t supposed to.. It’s too tempting not to say yes. So you agree.. but, only if she does the thing with her mouth that daddy really likes. Your daughter is so sweet but, she is so dirty the way she gives you head. She is a very good girl for daddy. You reward your daughter with a facial and now it’s time to sign those papers. She is so giddy! That night, you can’t rest. You faintly hear your daughter calling for you.. you think you are only imagining it but, it continues to get more and more loud. You check in on your daughter to see her touching herself in her bed. You are shocked but, also turned on. She is thinking of her daddy.. That’s when she sees you and is alarmed. You are stern and tell her that you both will talk in the morning. The next day your daughter hesitantly knocks on your door as you tell her to come in. Before you can speak she profusely apologizes and says it wont happen again. But, father knows best.. You know it will happen again, so you tell her that you can show her how to control those ‘bad girl’ urges. She needs to come to daddy to get fucked. You know its wrong and she knows its wrong too. You both don’t care though. It feels too good being together. You reward your daughter with her first cream pie and ask if she feels better now after having those bad girl urges. She is happy to finally feel relieved all because of the help from her daddy! A day or so passes when you decide to check how your daughter is feeling about the try-outs. You can tell she is very nervous and expresses that she might not be flexible enough. You are more than happy to show your daughter a few stretches that will help her become more flexible before her try-outs. You tell her she will need to do them without panties so she can have more mobility. She practices these stretches as you see all the way up your daughter’s skirt. You know what you are doing you filthy perv.. You couldn’t help but, to see up your own daughter’s skirt. It is finally the day of your daughter’s try-outs.. You watch the clock with anticipation for your daughter to come home. Will she make it as a cheerleader? Will your dirty fantasies come true? That’s when you hear a knock on your office door. She is finally home.. And she has a surprise. She opens the door and you are greeted with a big smile and the hottest cheer uniform you have ever seen. She made it in. And your daughter wants to celebrate. Ice cream perhaps? No, she wants to celebrate a different way with daddy. She has those bad-girl urges. You are about to make that uniform so dirty with cum-stains before your daughter has the chance to cheer in her uniform. Your daughter happily gets on her knees and sucks that cock like a lollipop. She uses her own sweaty panties to rub your boner until you can’t take it and bust all over her face. The fun isn’t over yet though. Daddy has a huge boner still for his own cheerleader daughter. She takes your cock in her holes like a true cheerleader slut. You leave that cheerleader with a beautiful dripping creampie that doesn’t seem to end even after she gets up and puts back on her panties. She is going to be the dirtiest cheerleader in her school.

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