dreamscumtrue – Stepmoms Fairytales EP12 – J’s Addiction

And after DESTROYING him in ARMWRESTLING, Uncle Johnny has been CONQUERED! Still SHOCKED by the STRENGTH of my MUSCLES, he is in my bedroom, ready to WORSHIP and DROOL for this PERFECT BODY… you are in the front row enjoying the show … Honey, look in his face! You have the exact same expression! You are completely lost on my PUMPED MUSCLES! I want him to become ADDICTED to my body too… I get myself completely NAKED and, while FLEXING HARD until I TREMBLE, I make him TOUCH, KISS, LICK the BICEPS that DEMOLISHED him! Feel how HARD I am Johnny! My MARBLE BUTT… my SCULPTED ABS… my THIGHS so STRONG and FIRM… go straight to ECSTASY, Johnny! Now give me that COCK and I’ll get the job done… get ready to CUM HARD on my BICEPS, Johnny! As for you, STEPSON, don’t worry… after him, it will be your turn!

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Duration: 00:14:47
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